Perhitungan Nilai Batas Dosis Radiasi Pada Pasien Berbasis Aplikasi Android

  • Japeri Japeri Politeknik Unggulan Kalimantan
  • Saifi Saifi
  • Galih Persadha Politeknik Unggulan Kalimantan
  • Muhammad Zaini Politeknik Unggulan Kalimantan
Keywords: X-rays, Dose Value (NDD), Android Application, X-Rays, Dose Value(NDD), Android Application


One of the most detrimental properties of x-rays is that x-rays cannot be seen with the eye, x-rays are ionizing radiation and x-rays can change body tissue. X-ray radiation, besides providing enormous benefits also has the potential to have a detrimental effect, radiation protection is a very important aspect in controlling adverse effects, therefore every nuclear installation and radiology unit must pay attention to radiation protection to protect radiation workers and the general public. But for the time being the individual dose monitoring test with the TLD plan is only done for radiation workers with a time span of three months while for patients there is no dose monitoring even though protection does not only concern workers but also patients because researchers are interested in conducting research related to "Calculation of Dose Limit Values Radiation in Patients Based on Android Applications. This study aims to determine the monitoring of radiation doses in patients so that in the future there will be no limit values ​​that do not exceed the threshold value. This type of research is quantitative with a Research and Development approach

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